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Solvay S.A.



Solvay is one of the leaders in the global chemical industry, was founded in 1863 by the Belgian Ernest Solvay. Since 1881, the company operates in Russia.

Today Solvay – it’s 119 industrial sites, 15 R & D centers, more than 26 000 employees in 52 countries, the company with annual sales of more than € 10 billion.

LLC “Volga-himpromservis” is the official distributor of the company Solvay.





Sumitomo Group

Sumitomo Corporation is one of the largest Japanese keiretsu. It was established in 1630. The chemical business of the company was founded in 1913.

Now “Sumitomo chemical” is one of the world’s largest chemical companies with a staff of about 29 000 people and is present in 66 countries around the world.







Mitsui & Co



Inc. Mitsui & Co is one of the largest Japanese keiretsu. It was founded in 1876. It’s principal activities are: energy, machine building, metallurgy, chemical products.

Mitsui & Co has worked in Russia since 1967.







Mitsubishi Corporation is Japan’s largest keiretsu, was founded in 1870. The chemical business of Mitsubishi Corporation – “Mitsubishi Chemical” was founded in 1950.

Today, Mitsubishi Chemical includes 182 companies that employ more than 23 000 people.






dahua_1_englDahua Group


Dahua was founded in 1933.

Now Dahua company is the largest Chinese manufacturer and exporter of organic and inorganic chemical raw materials.

Dahua Group of companies produces more than 1 550 000 tonnes of chemical raw materials per year.









“Sibur Holding” – the largest Russian petrochemical holding. The company was established in 1995.

“Sibur” recycles more than half of Russian associated gas, it produces more than a quarter of all liquefied petroleum gases in Russia, from 30 to 49% of the different types of synthetic rubber, a sixth of the total Russian polyethylene and a considerable part of other petrochemical products.

The total number of people employed in the enterprises of the holding – more than 25 thousand people working at 26 manufacturing sites.







“Lukoil” – Russia’s largest non-state company, was founded in 1991.

Lukoil is implementing its projects for the extraction and processing of oil in 12 countries. It accounts for about 16% of total Russian oil production and refining.

Lukoil – is one of the leading Russian petrochemical complex with an annual capacity of petrochemical products production of 700 000 tonnes.









Lucite was founded in 1930. Now Lucite world leader in the development, design and production of substances, materials and products based on acrylates.

The company Lucite has 14 production sites and 22 plants.









The company Ineos – one of the largest chemical companies in the world, was founded in 1890 in the UK.

Today Ineos includes 16 large industrial site which operates more than 17 000 people. Ineos produces more than 60 mln. Tons of various chemical products per year. Company annual turnover of more than $ 54 billion.









 Nippon shokubai


Japanese company Nippon Shokubai was  founded in 1941.

By Nippon Shokubai was the first company in the world producing superabsorbent polymers. The main profile of the company is the production of acrylic acid and acrylic polymers. By Nippon Shokubai large international company with 14 research and production sites, and employing over 4000 people.





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